Our history

Our history begins in Viterbo, in the heart of Tuscia, where the Restaurant Enoteca La Torre receives the Michelin Star, in a few years proving to be one of the best restaurants in Italy.
Our project grew up so as to reach Rome, in the prestigious Villa Laetitia, historical dwelling owned by the Fendi family, and venue of our multistar restaurant at the present time.

Based on such experience and passion, Catering Enoteca La Torre was born in 2005, combining tradition with creativity in its high quality standard restaurant services, also thanks to the original and unique setups.

Highest quality

In the pursuit of a close link to products and raw materials from the local area, our chefs create a cuisine that embeds innovation into tradition. Features of our menu are the most careful attention to seasonal periodicity, and the choice of the highest quality food, which we skillfully and carefully process in order to design tailored proposals to meet our customers’ needs.

Set up

We are always in search of tailored setups to create customized and agreeable contexts. Such a way of being earned us many awards and acknowledgments in years past, like the King Of Catering international award in the categories King Of Glamour, King Of Style, King of Mise En Place, and also the King of Catering Bronze absolute award.

Food design

We experiment the most unusual combinations of shapes, colors, tastes and fragrances. Food becomes something unexpected, amazing, unusual, and overwhelming. In our food design projects we always look for a mix of taste, aesthetic sense and creativity, all melting together in perfection and balance.
This is how each event becomes an exhibition.

Catering Enoteca La Torre Brochure