Our Vanity Bar concept was defined by Vogue America:

Possibly the most memorable bar of Fashion Week

Food Design

Food is not only meant to be eaten; it should be tasted with the eyes: perfect geometries, color variations and enchanting compositions in our tiny sculptures to eat in a bite. This is our food design.

We experiment the most unusual combinations of shapes and colors to dress traditional or more creative recipes, always in the pursuit of the highest quality of raw materials.

Small tear open aluminum foil boxes containing millefoglie shellfish egg pastry or eggplant parmigiana, Mojito rolls and chocolate lipsticks, amaretto tiramisu in transparent bowls, whipped cream in tempera tubes, mini mason jars containing our soups: this is how each course becomes unexpected and astonishing, and each event turns into an exhibition.

Cooking is like the most beautiful art making: you don’t know anything about a dish as long as you ignore the intention behind it.

A chef is an artist, an individual who works with all of the senses: taste, smell, sight, touch and even hearing.